Sunday, April 8, 2012

Life is a Long, (Quiet?!) River

Bonjour Friends

Memory is without a doubt a very interesting human feature.

While some encounters/ events are "erased" from our database, others on the contrary will stay with us forever.
Psychology might of course bring up that those memories have been locked into our unconscious mind, but...this isn't today's topic (Maybe some other time?!).

For example, back in France, when I was only a teenager, I remember hearing about a movie with the same title I chose for this article:"Life is long quiet river".
I don't know why I did, since I've never even watched it (even once able to do so), but somehow this title got me to wonder.

First of all, knowing how French comedy are written with a speciality for "real/ dysfunctional lives": Life could be anything but "Quiet!".
Second of all, between my personal experience and  the ones I knew of: "Quiet" wasn't and still isn't the first adjective that comes to mind to describe "Life". Don't you think?


Most spiritual teachings agree that "Our Ego" (the challenger within/ the body consciousness/ the desire to receive for oneself alone...) is the one to be held responsible for such turmoils.

If each one of us were able "to receive" every situations (the ones that pushes our buttons and the others) as if they were "A Gift"... Rolling with it: Life would become this river.

"Our Ego" who oppose "Our True self", is the cause for our reactivity and consequently our chaos...Not our challenges!!!

When, "our need to control and/ or the fear to loose it" takes over, this is the time that water turns into a boil.
When we get madly upset, auto-destructive, unforgiving, violent...All our Light  energy evaporate into the air just like steam.

However, and this is an extremely important note to remember: "killing or annihilating the ego (as many have suggested), isn't the solution!".
We must learn to put it at contribution, because if we threaten the ego, we might end up unsuccessful in the fulfilling of our soul purpose.

See...Our spiritual work is:"to shape this ego", so it will integrate the oneness of being and ultimately the oneness of the Universe.

How do we do that?

Here, what I found to be 3 essential steps:

1. Nourishing the soul.
Before any challenge, one should make sure to incorporate spiritual Wisdom & Practice into his life. Learning and acting to built his/her spiritual bank account.

2. Pouring water on fire
When a challenge occurs make sure to have a plan ahead to help you shut down the reactive system. Let's face it, just telling ourselves: "Do not react" isn't always working!

3.Learn and move on.
When our inner waters come back to normal, one must take the time to identify his/her reaction: what caused it, How did you feel...learn from it and go back to 1.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.