Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Spiritual Work

Bonjour Friends
If you were asked to choose between getting the answers to a test (though it might keep you in "the dark') vs. understanding and solving it on your own, you would think the choice would be clear and easy!

Well...You might want to rethink your answer!
In all my years of meeting with people, its been my sincere desire to empower and align them with their spark of Light so they can do THEIR SPIRITUAL WORK independently.
Yet...It's still a "shocking surprise" to see, how many would rather sign away 'the Creator’s Spark Inside' than work to free themselves from chaos to acquire True Freedom

Though, we received a clear message after "the original sin", that life is about earning back 'The Light', as the Bible says: "by the sweat of your face you shall eat bread & through labor you will give birth"- (which are known to be codes created to help us)
Nonetheless, it seems that we (some maybe more than some others) are always looking for ways to avoid taking responsibility.

Sad as it is, the negative consequence of such behaviors create openings for individuals to come in who don’t have our bests interests in mind.
They give themselves "fancy titles" and know exactly how to manipulate fragile spirits.

They convince you that if your life is challenging it is because 'you've been cursed'  and for "a small price" they can give you some magic quick fix.
Okay! Now, you might think that this subject is a little bit 'out there'...

But Sadly, in times like the ones we find ourselves in, with so many challenges in the areas of financial, emotional and health, those people, circle above like vultures.
They wait for the ones who have fallen for their tricks and manipulations, then strip what spark of light they have left without looking back.

A few thoughts on this sensitive subject. (After all, it is because such beings exist that sincere light-workers are labeled and persecuted.)

1)   The Negativity we see in the world is always a projection of the negativity we see within, no matter how small.
With this understanding we can stop searching for the easy way out, and truly commit to do THE WORK. We don’t want to fall for some magic quick fix we think others have that we lack.  

2)   Our spiritual growth is the result of overcoming challenges and fears.  Its not  necessary to run around hysterically asking or waiting for someone to solve them for you, 
Let's stop, take a deep breath, and take some time to look inside ourselves for the hidden teachings, blessings and answers we all carry.

 3)   Asking for help is honorable, like a child in need of guidance from a parent for a school project. However, nothing is more valuable to that parent than seeing their child put forth their own effort to complete the task.
 4)   Occasionally, some challenges, might require a 'spiritual (de)cluttering. Thankfully there is a system of tools to assist but, in order to work it most always requires work on your part to achieve a spiritual transformation.

'The Light', is always there. It is  'The source' of everything there is.
Every situation is here for us to reveal it, through our commitment & effort.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Today, I'd like to send some bright healing light to my cousin S. who I love unconditionally, and offer a special thanks to my dear friend D.C for polishing this message into a sparkling gem. May you both being showered with Endless Blessings, today and always.