Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fearless Ride

Bonjour Friends

About a month ago, I received an email from someone dear to my heart.

After reading some inspirational quote, some conflicted emotions awoke inside of her, which send her on the look out for some guidance.

How (could she) / can we, develop our openness of heart- which is of an higher value than our instinct for self protection- without leaving a door open from being hurt?

How many times in fact, did we try to have more trust in the human nature for being good and kind and obtained the exact opposite effect?

It seems that some of us are even more subject to it than some others , as if a sign was planted on their lawn saying to The hurts:"Open House!"

Each question has many answers. However, when I asked, here is one of the aspect that was brought to my attention which was also refer as the new message to share in "IC by Ilanit".

Somehow-that we think we can  or will rise above our circumstances- we all, in a way or another, are reactive to our past experiences and/or past lives.

When we got hurt at some point in our lives, that memory is recorded in  our soft or hard drive.

Then, it is no wonder, that we start to develop a carapace more or less thicker depending on the level of pain we felt.

The problem though is that "this protection" is also preventing us for accessing and tasting certain levels of Light encapsulated in that darkness.

When we close ourselves, we add "a coat" to our heart which only benefit our personal opponent that now has a hold on us and that spark of Light!

The fear of being hurt, eventually prevents us from true freedom and total enlightenment.

Now of course, it isn't an easy situation to be in and there is many teachings about what it means "to be open", how ? with who?...

In addition,it is true that "some eyes" are watching us at this exact time, causing us to falter.

Nevertheless, just like a kid learning to ride a bike, if the fear of falling (which most likely will happen) scares him off , it will also deprive him from the greatest joy of riding freely and happily whenever and wherever he wants.

May those fears that block us be unlock this year.

May Love & Light be revealed Today and Always, Ilanit.