Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Moving a Mountain

Bonjour Friends

You may have started to wonder where I have disappeared, (or not)?!

The thing is; I found myself covered under a pile of work, which some of them requested for me to: Surrender!

Though, as my grand-father always said:"Work isn't a problem, "Work gives us health!'

In Europe, for example- which I haven't see as much in the US- Problems start when people are going into retirement and are suddenly left without a tangible goal.
Often time, the only distraction  become: addictive TV programs or the weekly visit to: "The family Dr". How sad?!

Furthermore, it is legitimate to say that: work isn't the problem...especially when we see results.
The challenge takes place only when the "pile of work" transforms into an "Unclimbable Mountain"!

How do you deal, with this massive obstacle standing right in the middle of the road, when all you want is to reach the other side of 'The bright enchanted Forest'?

What to do, when no matter how hard you try or how many tricks you pull out of your hat and it is still impossible!

It can apply, when it comes to find your soul mate:

How many first date do you need to go through without any follow-up, not even a phone-call or worst after another relationship leaves you with nothing but another broken hope and heart!

For someone else, the gigantic rock will stand in the pursue of success or simply financial security etc...I am sure, you have some idea of similar scenario on your own!

Obviously, it isn't an easy or comfortable place to be, and some 'magical words and concepts' throw in the arena such as: Patience, Faith, Karma, Letting go, Sharing...won't always help feel better!

The reality isn't that simple!

However, for some reasons, this subject reminded me of a teaching I learned from a movie/book, I watched few years ago, named: "Under the Tuscan Sun".

At some point in the story, the main character, a women that went through "getting lost" before "being found", verbalized her desire for: Love, Family, Happiness!

Wishes that gets fulfilled by the end of the story... just not in the way she might have wanted (her best friend give birth to a baby, a wedding takes place and a newly found family surround her all under her own roof!)

The conclusion, I was left with is that blessings are all around us, not always in the form we hope...

Nevertheless- just like it is at the end of this story- if we sincerely learn to appreciate all of those blessings, then an opening in made for us in the universe to receive the same joy they bring in the form we were hoping for and... The Mountain is simply moved from the way!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.