Monday, November 16, 2015

Light Vs Darkness

Bonjour Friends,

Like a computer working on a '1 & 0' basis, Life is fundamentally as simple as 'Light & Darkness'.

However, it is obvious that we tend to make it more complicated than it is, mostly by not being able to make a clear decision between the two.

And, the result  (Individually & Universally) can be devastating!

Now, although it is said that the humankind is closer in its essence and abilities to The Divine, Angels are always depicted as more powerful and connected than us, Why is that?

According to biblical studies, Angels are told to be intelligence energies, both, male & female standing on one foot: what does it mean?

Opposed to us, they embody the unification of both aspects of Creation (+ &-) and don't know about free-will.

Angels can only walk the 'Path of Truth' & follow The Light.

From it, we can learn that in order to create 'an Angelic World', where only 'Love & Peace' exist, we must all unify our consciousness and become Whole.

When a part of the body is ill, that area isn't the only one working to heal it, but the all system is somehow involved.

Moreover, when the world is infected with darkness, ALL Lightworkers must join together!

Spirituality is about recognizing the One true opponent, (the source of every single darkness that we see) & rallying around the One & Only Force that can help us overcome it: 'The Light Force of the Universe'.

Then, just like a candle, this unified Bright Loving Light will illuminate the world and will finally make darkness disappear.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Knights of Light

Bonjour Friends,

Back to 2000, before moving permanently to Miami, I was living with my parents and two sisters in Paris, in the same apartment, I grew up on, right across my grandparents.

'Papie Albert & Mamie Rose'-joined later by my beloved teacher- were and still are my guardian Angels.

Now, could be because this Holidays season, is rich of so many memories and celebrations with each one of them? Or because I was asking lately for a sign that they are still around me? I did feel their presences very strongly recently.

And while I was meditating one night, I even got to 're-experience' some scene from the past with my grandma, which was perfect, to support the message, I had received to share.

Mamie Rose was a strong women. Mother of eight, she most definitely went against her comfort zone, so many times and in so many ways: Women of a few words, she was naturally spiritual & wise.

There is lots of things that I learned from her, but one adorable memory, as she grew older, that came back to me, was her fondness for her daily TV show. Every day after lunchtime, she would not miss the never ending drama of 'The young & the Restless'. And as I grew up, during  vacation time, I used to love watching it too, for I got to sit close to her, on the living room sofa, next to her soft arms.

What the spiritual teaching to receive from that?

Living for almost 8 years in the same condominium, I realized lately- Even though I always thought such drama is totally unrealistic!- that life is not so far away from fiction, with its share of endless conflicts, hidden truths and hunger for power....(And I'm sure you have a few stories that will come to mind!)

See... because, I  home-school my youngest daughter, I spend some time in my neighborhood, to play or swim, and witness lots of the conversations of my fellow residents (mostly concerning issues about the management of our building..) and let's just say that all of the stuff going on, could definitely sustain a new reality TV show, for years!

Another thing that I also realized is that 'my Zen attitude' often awakens 'frustrations' for some of these people.

How can I not join them in these muddy wrestling fights???

The answer is simple!

In this chaotic world, being ' Spiritually Positive' isn't by any means, being oblivious of the darkness that exist. No! It's about choosing: 'The Way of Light'.

As we know, we can't ever fight darkness with darkness: It will irrevocably swallow us up to our on end!

On the contrary, as my beloved teacher expressed out so beautifully: "When entering a dark room, all we need is to turn on 'The Light"!"

Evermore, 'Spiritual work', isn't about running away from challenging situations, it's about being proactively prepared & 'armed' with the right tools to address them, like 'Knights of Light' ready to win the fight.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

As a side note, I'd like to add this though: 'Actively Remembering' the souls who are affecting us spiritually from the other side (beloved ones, teachers, Angels, Righteous souls who succeeded on the same path) is like opening up a line of communication for them to help us do 'The work' to restore 'Endless Love & Light in the world, Now & Forever!'  

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Seeing Life

Bonjour Friends

As far as I can remember, I always loved words.

Since a little girl, I found many answers and teachings in all kind of writings, and was early on known to be an 'Old Soul' for my use of 'Proverbs'.

Words, as it says can: "Built or Destroy', and I can attest for this dark side as well, for being bullied almost through all middle school .

Did this experience affected me? Definitely!
However instead of turning me 'sour', it had the opposite effect.
It made me a 'Soul Activist' to awaken & spread 'Love & Divine Light' into the world.

Right then, I intuitively, knew that it was my 'Free-will'  to choose 'Light vs Darkness'.

A choice of consciousness, which was reinforced years later, when I met my beloved teacher, who talked a lot about 'choosing the glasses we wear to look at life'.

As you might have noticed yourself: Some will always look angrily at what is missing, while some will always rejoice in what is!

Therefore, desiring a consciousness that sees 'The Light', is the one thing to really ask, to 'C Life through a Spiritual I'.

When, our consciousness will be aligned with the radiance of our Soul, we will finally become truly: Alive! (and not just sleepwalking through Life).

Today, as I write these words, the cosmos is urging us to Wake-up and Desire Life.

In that journey, 'Words' are powerful alarm clocks, here to awaken and heal our spirits.

We must seek, cherish & share them as our lives and the world depends on it.and  so:

WE, who are made in the likeness of Above will finally regain their higher power over the world Below: Alive with the Words of  'The Divine'.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Joy of Sharing

Bonjour Friends

Summer! Perfect timing for some... 'Time Travel'.
No need for luggage or airplane tickets, just an open heart and consciousness will get us there...

Back in 1998, although I'd already experienced:'The Awakening' as it is commonly called, my introduction to the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah, (and especially the revelation of my beloved teacher, who came through in a beautiful dream) took me to an unparalleled new level of understanding of the meaning and purpose of life.

Until today, this teaching, at the core of my existence, not only keeps opening up my spirit, but deepens my emphatic nature to love and feel connected to every single human beings.

Knowing, that beyond our differences and the egoistic illusion of separation caused by the physical realm, we all are -on a subconscious spiritual level at least- desiring the one and same thing:"To Experience Everlasting Joy and Fulfillment" as we once did.

Now, there was one particular enlightenment, regarding accessing that state of being that changed my previous understanding of life (a fundamental 'Secret' upon which the world was built) and which I felt must be re-awaken and shared today:

"To receive True Joy & Fulfillment, One must share their Gift of Light with others."

As I wrote those words, I can still hear the voice of my beloved teacher saying, that if we were able to see the ripple effect of our sharing actions, we will spend our days chasing after others for more opportunities to share.

It is actually based on that teaching that I started 'IC by Ilanit' (the blog).

A way to share with the world and without any limits, all the 'Love & Light' flowing through me.

By essence, 'A Gift' is something that one shares.

What will be the point, to only focus on getting profit from it or keeping it?

Dear Friends,

In a world mostly driven to 'Get or Take',  I'd like to invite you to ask yourself: "What is your gift? The one thing that never fails to bring you happiness, and then find ways and time to Share It!"

The joy and fulfillment you will feel is simply:"Divine".

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Focusing on 'The Good'

Bonjour Friends

Did you ever have to mediate 'a fight' between 'Little Ones'?

If you have not, let me very quickly resume what you will most likely witness 99% of the time.

Although you might have asked 'the main actors' to calm down, so you can learn what happened, almost immediately 'The Victim' will scream at your ears;"He/She started it!', while 'The Other One' will answer, in the same tone of voice:"Yes! But...It was his/her fault, because He/She did say 'this or that' to me...."

Eventually, after you decided on how to handle the situation,( which often was caused by nothing but a lack of communication/sharing skills) 'Both side' will agree over one thing: "It isn't fair!"


Well...Not so much! Especially, when 'The little Ones' aren't so little anymore.

Truth be told, how often do 'Grown-ups' behave that way?

Refusing to take responsibility or agreeing to meet the other person half way to discuss 'the issue' like 'adult', making sure that a consciousness of Mercy & Sharing prevails over Judgment & Separation.

Sadly, we live in a world were people 'judge' all the time (most often based on their side of the story and egoistic desires) and, hold grudges until 'The End of Time"! (Not to mention the extreme category who right away go for 'The kill' - For real of metaphorically)

Now, as we have learned: "Change starts with Us", and...

...Although not everyone is meant to be close, and some relationships have a specific purpose with a beginning and an end, we should always make sure to always have 'Human Dignity' in our heart for one another.

We know, from our spiritual studies, that it is in fact essential not only for 'worldwide spiritual reasons', but for our own well-being to start with.

When learning about  'The law of attraction', we understand that focusing our energy on Judgment, Anger...will attract what?

'That's right! More judgement!"

In addition, to this understanding, I'll add something by starting to quote my beloved teacher:"Remember that Nothing happens Suddenly!"

So when a 'major chaos' appears in someone's life, the first thing he/she should look to resolve and  heal is 'The little chaos' he or she has been holding onto for way too long!

As for Now, let's one and for all decide to focus our heart and soul on 'The Good' only, so 'The Light Force' will forever stay with us!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Choosing Our Teacher

Bonjour Friends

To introduce this new message, I'd like to invite you to take a trip down memory lane with me.

Back to my first year in middle school, like most 'kids' this age, I was taught all academic subjects by more than one teacher.

Now, although, they all  had different personalities, I soon realized that they could be divided into two distinct categories.

The First Category were: "The Warm Ones".
These teachers were always boosting your confidence. Praising you on your successes and encouraging you to do better after your 'falls'. They had certainty that with effort, you will overcome your challenges to manifest your unique potential.

The Second Category were:"The Cold Ones".
These teachers weren't emotionally accessible and didn't make you feel any special. Their teaching methods were direct and strict.

In everyday life, we're all exposed to these two teachers also known as: 'Mercy' & 'Judgment'.

And, somehow, if we like it or not, both have a purpose in the big scheme of things.

For me, this understanding became even more crystal clear when I became a mom.

Parenthood makes you certainly realized that when you truly care for someone, 'Tough love' as it is usually called, might be necessary in order to protect and guide those precious souls, so they can grow and reach their higher self /purpose.

Though it seems that some people handle 'judgment' better than some others (to a certain extend of course!), I don't think anyone 'likes it'.

Therefore, here are the three most significant reminders, we should all use to limit learning through "Professor Judgment' and purposely choose 'Mercy' as our beloved teacher.

1. Change when 'Mercy' is telling you so.
Like an alarm clock, Nudges for change will be sent regularly. Nonetheless, they will get stronger and louder as time passes by.

2. Show more 'Mercy'.
 "Life is like a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it" And, assuredly, the world can handle it!

3. Make 'The Light of Mercy', your silent partner.
Sing, pray, beg...Days and Nights for 'It' to hold your hand and help you and the world transform in 'Mercy'.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hold onto The Fire

Bonjour Friends

After 6 years & 118 messages (without including this one), as 'the writer of IC by Ilanit', I've been and will forever be blessed beyond what words can describe.

For instance, through the ups and downs that come with the writing territory, I've had the chance to experience 'True Certainty', and witnessed the limitless power of 'The Light', which: "No challenges can stand against!"

English grammar, Worries over lack of inspiration, Offensive 'Negative spirits',... Nothing has ever been a real issue because the 'Love & Light' shared in those messages reached the heart and soul of those who needed to be touched by It!

So, few days ago, when I realized that I haven't been able to 'hold' onto one thought to share this month, I didn't doubt that something will come up! (even, if the message was to say that it was 'time for a break').

 After all:"The End of something, only means The Beginning of something else".

Once I had realized that, all I needed to do at that point was ask, which suddenly turned my daily meditation into a question & answer session.

Obviously, it wasn't time for a break! Indeed, I was 'invited' to share my soul process, facing 'a blank page'!

Therefore, let me ask you this?

How do you or people usually react when something is 'not going anywhere' and you/they don't know what's next?

The thing is, most of us can't stand being in the Unknown! We need answers to stop being scared or feeling out of control...which is why, many start running like 'chickens without heads', talking to this one and/or...that one...seeking for 'support'.

Now, let me ask you: How do you think one feels after doing so?

Calm and confident? Or more stress and confuse than before?

Right! Because what we all need is to refocus and strengthen our Certainty .

So, unless someone have found the gift of a 'True Spiritual Friend'  who loves him/her unconditionally and can help overcome the doubts: AVOID 'talking/running around'! because in a time of  uncertainty, it will often brings a person to an even darker place.

Instead, our first action, should be to center ourselves with the Source of All Certainty: "The Light Force within us!":

"When it gets 'dark & cold around', come close to the warm chimney and 'Hold onto The Fire'.
Restrict the urge to know right now, Instead be in The Now!
'The Light' will never abandon you as long as you keep its flame burning into your heart.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A message for 2015

Bonjour Friends

A few months ago, while driving my daughters to school, 'my oldest' opened up about her feelings of frustration regarding some events.
Eventually, as she started to cry, she let out one of those 'notorious' sentences one may say in such moment or ;"Why does this keep happening to me?"

Before saying anything, I paused and first took the time to acknowledge her feelings, (which, we should always do before jumping into 'it' and too quickly advise anyone) reinsuring her on how special and loved she is!

Now, even though, she understood and agreed, that aside from 'the lesson to learn', such feelings alone are the produce of 'The opponent voice', the reality hit me! "What did she say, that we didn't say or feel before!?"

At that moment, I was reminded indeed, how our reactive mental is easily prone to forget that "Challenges are Opportunities", and most importantly that  'The Light force of the Creator' is involve in every single one of those situations, with one and only desire:"To help us receive Endless Fulfillment!"

Truth is, even when involve in a spiritual journey for the sake of connection and transformation, much time and effort will be needed to completely overcome 'The dark force within', hammering days and nights negative messages in our head, such as:

"This happened to you because... deserve it. pay the price, for previous mistake. are curse are the target of negative energies, people, and so on.

Dear friends, now that the buzz of the holidays is wearing off, (if it hadn't completely faded yet), it is the perfect time to share a message for this new year 2015.

It has been weeks, since I was asked to share the consciousness we should make sure to hang onto this year, (nothing that haven't been revealed or said before of course),and which is to (re)commit ourselves daily to our spiritual connection with  "The Light", with a diligent effort for appreciation.

Though, it's easy to forget it during our darkest time, we must remember that"The Light' only wants to give us All, and, therefore use appreciation as a tool to expand our own capacity to receive it, (without having to go through the most difficult challenges sent to awaken our consciousness)

As we were taught: 'Appreciation', should be a daily practice, since it is the absolute requirement to a life filled with even more blessings.

Furthermore, in this year 2015 (Numerology of 8 for manifestation )
Let's consecrate each day: A Time; A Space; A Word and An Action to see and share some 'Good',
So, one day, soon, we will finally be 'Whole' again!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.