Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Patterns & Cycles


Bonjour Friends,

From our first colorful pattern made out of stickers, to the study of life cycles, since early childhood, we all learned to recognize, organize and even predict a large diversity of Patterns & Cycles.

Nevertheless, when it comes to our personal life - even though some reiterations are clearly obvious-It just seems that we are repeatedly living the same scenario over, and over again.

When meeting for a personalized intuitive session, a crucial step in this spiritual alignment is to provide clarity on these redundancies: to determine their origin, their trigger and effect.

Moreover, as essential this awareness is to harness spiritual growth, another element is utterly important to succeed in this mission in creating a new outcome and, to understand it, I'd like to introduce: Julianne & Violet.(who true identity has been changed).

In her late 30's, Julianne works as a devoted private nurse for families looking a loving and caring professional to their newborns. Over the years, she worked for many, in many different places. However, one situation keep repeating itself which is affecting her,(and finally made her ask the right questions, not so long ago).
In the course of each contract, and after an "honeymoon period", Julianne has shared with me that always comes a time, when her employer are asking for 'More' (time, tasks...), way beyond what was originally established as part of her services, making her feel mistreated. At the beginning,  the request is of course subtle and asked as a kindly favor, (which Julianne pleasing nature would always agree to), but soon enough, that One request become Many demands expected to be fulfilled, and before she can change the path of her movie: praises became critics, and she will  often have to finish her time in a disagreeable environment, when months before the parents were saying how wonderful she was and how they would like to stretch her stay.

Why this situation keeps happening? What Julianne, who is always kind, loving and professional should do? What is her responsibility?

We'll get back to it, but first let's meet Violet.

In her 50's, Violet is divorced with One Wish at heart: finding Love and finally Be Happy.
Nonetheless, in the past few years, each one of her relationship that started "too Fast and too Furiously", leaves her even more lonely and unhappy.
For some "unexplained' reasons, Violet keeps getting involved and giving too much to men, who can't provide this sense of security and serenity that she is longing for.

Julianne & Violet, are actors in different movies, however both are experiencing repetitive patterns.

On one side, Julianne, as we discussed, must learn to overcome from the start her need to please and over do things, because it create unbalance- what Kabbalah calls: "Bread of Shame"-
Spoiling "love and respect" (which is what she is looking for) onto an abusive situation full of "resentment and despise".

On another side, Violet has to learn to first find love and happiness inside herself, and build slowly and steadily a relationship with her higher self and The Light,  to become a strong vessel, and attract the right person in her life which she will recognize depending how much "Restriction", she does.

The dynamics being established, the essential part, I was talking about is: The Willingness to take ownership for each scenario and do "The SoulWork".

After talking with both, Julianne, recognized her responsibility, and understood that she needed to work on changing the way she reacts, by learning to politely but firmly say "No"!
Violet, however, prefers following "her heart" and refused to change the way she approaches "Love or Need?". She started a new relationship and even though I quote: "She understand my advises. She rather see what will happen!"

As my beloved teacher would say, the good news is: "The Light is Always in the Business!"

Therefore, both (as well as each one of us) are still on their journey to transformation.   
The only difference would be, how much "Time & Pain"  will be encountered to get there.

Until Then,

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.