Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A seed, A tree, A miracle

Bonjour Friends

Though, I genuinely understood that I was a "transmitter" in this life, I can't help but being amazed to still be 'here' with new flavorful messages to share like fruits gently falling from a a beautiful tree.

How ironic though!
It's been days, since I 'received' a new file to upload, but today, I just don't know where to start!

Of course, all those ideas were in a potential state, like a seed is for a tree, yet I knew that it was a promise for some fruitful result.

The only solution I have now is: to find my way out of the picture, and let the source of that inspiration "write through me".

Easy ?! Not really!

Most people think that the hardest thing in life is to be in the unknown.
I, personally believe that it can be as much -if not even more- difficult to have the answer but being petrified how to manifest it?

Either way, both scenarios share the same cause of dilemma.

Let me introduce : Sir Ego.
A too familiar voice inside our head, injecting doubts and fears, making us believe that "I am" the one to do it!

Fortunately, there is one solution to bring 'Light' in this chaos: Asking for help!

The Divine Voice within aka Intuition, is a gift we are all born with, a way the universe is talking to us and stays undercover. It is always there, though it will grow stronger and stronger, if we have an unstoppable desire to know and be with 'The Light', by 'talking and asking' with a devoted heart.

Unfortunately, our modern society made most of us forget about it, or worst doubt it, as it was something wrong.
We spend more time talking or looking for answers from others, when we should consider to reconnect with the most precious line in our lives: our connection with "The Light Force".

The universe talks to us all the time , we're usually the one who aren't listening.
And, once again, who is to blame: our ego !

"By coincidence" this week, I was reading a commentary in "The Zohar", about Jonas. It says that when Jonas finally asked for assistance and, cried for help- dropping his ego- , he was right away saved by 'The Light'!

I invite you to take this commitment with me, to ask more questions and see how the divine will always help us make each day, a miracle.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Which station is on ?

Bonjour Friends

It is Tuesday May 19, 2009 : I am seating at my computer desk, 'ready' to write, when the thought of not 'showing up' crossed my mind.

When it would have been so easy to just go with it,(after all, no one ordered me to write those messages) I decided to fight it!

Some of you, at this point might wonder what is going on? This attitude just doesn't sound like me!

I am the one, who usually believes in:"Pushing the rock"!

And, you are absolutely right, this isn't me! or should I say: the Real Me!

Each one of us, is plugged by one cable to the Light and the other to the Opponent.

So, you will understand easily, that what I said previously was from the wrong broadcast.

Our opponent constantly plays awful tunes in our head, to make us sabotage our own life (or strives depending on our own choice).

Now, by sharing this with you, what am I choosing to do, it's refusing to listen to this tune!

When, we're able to watch our thoughts and acknowledge the battle taking place in our head, it is the first step toward putting 'The Light' ahead of the game, and overtake Chaos.

Few months ago, I was actually reading in this parenting book. something very interesting about the way to stop a child tantrum, (who he's only looking for attention).
The author said: Parent tell your child kindly that you know what he/she is doing and why? but if he/she chooses to stop, and let you finish what you are doing (work, phone call ...), you will share a special time with him/her afterward. He added that most kids because you saw through the real issue and yet addressed them in a positive way, will usually cooperate. "
Once the challenge is revealed, it can disappear!"

We all have those moments, when obstacles are affecting our abilities to see through, making us want to react! What is going to make the difference is the use of our inner power, aka : The power of Restriction.

Just like listening to theradio, we have the power to choose when to unplug from 'the opponent' station, and migrate to 'The Light' broadcast,.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit

Monday, May 11, 2009

Running, Shooting...Basketball !!!

Bonjour Friends

When we take actions to reveal 'Light', lots of tricks are often thrown at us in order to stop us.

First, we need to face our own fears.

Then, in the case that we do overcome those negatives thoughts, the game is far away from be over. We will often have to deal with all types of 'outside' obstacles.

Taking the lead to grow, and improve our lives and the world, may be an overwhelming thing to do!

The problem is that we spend our lives full of doubts and concerns about the:"What if ...?" Including: What people are going to think about me if ... ?

My friends, when we're in harmony with the universe, do you think our soul cares about what people think?

There is this very profound teaching saying, that we should only be concerned about revealing 'The Light' we are meant to.
Even, if it means to have our ego bruised ! (probably, even better )

From time to time, each one of us will decide to do things that may 'surprise' people, and they will make sure to let us know about it!.

Yet, when our ego is targeted as we walk 'The Path of Light', it is often a sign that we did or are about to reveal a tremendous amount of fulfillment, not only for ourselves, but the world as well.

It's all part of the game.

Did you ever felt this force opposing you while trying to make a positive change? Even for a little 'insignificant' action?

In the battle between Light and Chaos, there is nothing such as big or small. There is only actions or not!
Whatever good we do is always special enough to raise some challenges, because of the Light it reveals.

Nonetheless, it's not a reason to become scared, superstitious, or worst giving up! The opposite.

We should see it as being part of the playoff finale, and ask ourselves who is going to win?

Undoubtedly, the team with the biggest desire and strongest mentality!

With: PERSEVERANCE and CERTAINTY in the power of the Light Within, the trophy is ours!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit

Monday, May 4, 2009

Like Butterflies

Bonjour Friends

Do you ever wonder why, we can feel so different one day from another?!

Why do we wake up happy and excited some days and some others...Let's just say that we stepped out on the wrong side of the bed.

Even when our daily routine remain the same, our moods somehow can swing for no apparent reasons: going up and down/ side to side, getting us dizzy.( Not to mention what it does to our entourage)

Guys, I can already see the look on your face! Please, don't think that I am only talking to the ladies in here!!!! Hormones and other physical conditions are not the subject I was referring to.

Today, I'd like to address the concept of :"Being Antennas".

Sometimes,when we don't feel so good it might be that we have been in touch with some parasite vibrations from our environment.

Indeed, when we study the human body, we learn that we are made up of 75% of water. In other words, we are sponges!

(I give it to you, this is a very simplify definition, but I didn't want to put you to sleep!)

In other words, whatever is going on around us has a direct impact in our lives!
And when I say around I mean: Near and Far.

Have you ever heard of the "Butterfly effect theory"?

Scientists states that:"The flap of a butterfly's wing in China can set of a hurricane in the other side of the world".

With all this constant worldwide chaos: no wonder that people feel stressed or depressed 'every other day'!

O.K! Enough with all this negativity!

Dear friends, the choice is ours! we can either be 'The Cause' or 'The Effect".

Today, we can decide to set up our mind to affect the world in a positive way, and pour more Love, Healing and Harmony in the Universe.

And although,we might not see the result of our actions, yet!
We must have faith that someday we will finally be free from chaos to fly up high like butterflies.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit