Thursday, January 5, 2012

Love & Pray

Bonjour Friends

As many have said before me:" Intuition is everyone's birthright"!

Receiving informations beyond the logic of our five senses is actually something natural, and an aspect of our divine legacy as well.

In our modern societies, however, it's been often dismissed or worst, rejected in a box with many other taboos.

Today though, because it is "The Time", when:"After a long sleep, the spirit of the world will awaken to a new consciousness and a new world will be rebuilt", I felt that I had to bring out this subject dear to my heart.

Let me ask you a question then: How often can you see or feel things before they happen to you?
"Depends", "Comme-ci, comme-ca", you might say in French.

Now, let's repeat the same question replacing:"you"at the end of this question by "someone else".
A lot more! Isn't it?! (As we all know, we often see better for others).

For Lightworkers as myself, such experiences are what our days are filled with, yet... This "knowing feeling" is not really different than for anyone else.

Lightworkers might get some more details and learn to translate them in order to give guidance and understanding...the essence though is similar.

As our soul connect to someone else's,  their joy and pain... becomes part of ours.

Being what has been called a "empath" make me feel people... "My Friends", as if I knew them:"forever and always", and the truth: it is sometimes very overwhelming!

The hardest part I'll say, just as you might have experienced it in your own life, is to see a loved one  taking a direction or making choices that seem dangerous!

Even though, I know, and we should all remember it: "The Light is always in the business!":
What should we do, when someone you care for ask your advise and don't listen or don't even give you this opportunity?

It can be a son or a daughter, a parent or a friend, in any case the feeling of being powerless is always heartbreaking.

Well....It is for that reason that "Prayers" were created!

"Praying for someone else with all our love is one of the most powerful thing to create miracles!"

When it seems that we can only respect someone else free-will: "Love & Pray" has not limit but the sky.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.