Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Divine Legacy

Bonjour Friends

My writings/blogs are just like my little babies.

See... I love them, nourish them and share all that I have. Creating a circuitry of energy between them, me, and the world.

From the time of inspiration, till the publishing moment, I am infusing them with a delicate fragrance of "Love & Light" in the best of my abilities and then...I let them take the course of their life.

Behind the secret space of my heart, I undeniably and just like any loving mom, hope that they will fulfill their destiny and that they will Awaken, Comfort and Empower the souls that will read them.

Nevertheless, it is not without a certain emotion, when the time has come that I have to let them go. (Even if it only means, that it's time to open up myself to a new message).

In fact: Was it because we just celebrated my youngest daughter 6 years birthday or because I "witnessed" some very emotional events?

I did feel the past few weeks more nostalgic than usual, reflecting on: How fast time flies!

Yet, I wanted to focus on the bright Light, No matter how long or short, hard or easy:

"Life on earth with all its challenges is truly a glimpse of time compare to the Eternity of fulfillment, we did and will experience, once we'll reconnect ourselves to the Divine Light".

This reflective time, also reminded me another essential piece of wisdom:

"Live each day as it is your last. Act, Think and Share with an open heart because it is our divine legacy to this world, and while your there don't forget to Laugh!"

Dear Friends

We All  have our struggles, "Our Time" has been clearly defined as the most challenging yet.

Nevertheless, it only means one thing:

 "We are the bravest soul who has been chosen to reveal the True face of the divine on Earth".

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.