Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New You

Bonjour Friends

2014 has started. Bringing in a '7' energy inviting people to seek "Truth" from within,  it make me wonder if we will finally awaken "anew" this year,and rise to a consciousness of Oneness, Unconditional Love and Endless Light?
The answer of course, belongs to the realm of the unknown, though it requires that we have at least an urge, not to say a sense of urgency that we need to change our ways, so we won't just live through "another year".

Therefore, as uncomfortable as it might be, this is the time to ask ourselves: What else can we do to let go of our "old ego patterns", which are disconnecting us from our True self and happiness?

EGO: a 3 letters word which brings the most physical and emotional reactions (after death) when pronounced.

EGO: Let's talk fearlessly about it!
A code name Kabbalah explains for the "concealed & revealed" reactive aspect of human nature.
Not only a synonym for pride, it encompass all the aspect of "the desire to receive for oneself alone", ranging from: Anger to laZiness, and multiple other feelings in between.

EGO: a basket of laundry that needs to be wash constantly because we ALL have loads of it!

EGO,I say:"I am aware of it, I gonna work through it, yet STOP! feeling bad about it!"

As a mom of 3, I finally started to realize the magnitude of it! This work never ends, as soon as "you are done", the basket fills up again!

Therefore, my thought on the subject is that we need to desensitize from all the emotions and reactions this job is causing us (physically and spiritually) and just do it, the best way we can!

How? "Ego laundry"(to keep up with the metaphor) involves a few elements, the main one being: Water, which is equivalent in the spiritual world to "random act of sharing".

At the end of the day, having ego, is a component of being human.
However, just like dirty clothes it doesn't define who we are, it just a task that we are here to do.

Now, to insure that this year will be different...that we will be different , let's work on something we can control by committing to share and being kind, to and as much as we can.
As my beloved teacher would say:: "Let's focus on "The Light", the darkness will disappear!".

Happy New You!
Love & Light Always, Ilanit.