Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dialogue with The Divine / Part 2

Bonjour Friends

In response to my last message, a friend wrote me this note: "The Light always guides us if we're open to it!"

I couldn't agree more! In fact, it soon became the inspiration for my next message.

In this "Dialogue with The Divine / part 2", I thought that I actually could share some of my personal experiences when it comes to develop a communication with "The Light".

In the next four major points,  you'll actually see that it is no different than nourishing any other relationship.

1. In order to grow its connection with "The Light", one must worked at it on a regular basis.
Set a time aside each day- even for 5 minutes- "Pick-up the phone", and open your heart.
You can talk about what challenges you but remember to also appreciate what works too!

(Even though "The Light" only desire is to share, there is a cosmic rule saying that in order to receive 'more', we must first being grateful with the blessings we already have).

2. Choose a special location. It can be in or outdoor, wherever you like, but sit there as you will in a sacred space.

3.Make this moment a personal and meaningful date. Use candles or incenses. Sing a prayer, recite a poem or simply talk with all the love in your heart.

4. As you address your concerns, ask to receive clear messages- some even ask for recognizable signs.

Then, remain silence for a few minute, knowing with certainty that help is already on its way.

Now, my friends comes the trickiest part. As many agreed, the dilemma is never about: Will The Light be there or not?

Beyond learning to connect and receiving answers, the real question is: what is our motivation?

Getting help from The Divine, should never be for selfish reasons.

As Kabbalah teaches us, EVERYTHING in our lives is there to help us fulfill our purpose and get closer to our fellowman.

Furthermore, the ultimate goal should be to ask for the purpose" to receive in order to share".
As a general rule, and at any given time we should love with all we are and have, until we are One again!

I'd like to dedicate this message to my beloved teacher, Harav Shraga Fievel ben Esther
15 years ago, you came in my dream, even though I had never seen your face before and you've shown me the path.
You taught me how to share the gift I was born with and fulfill my soul purpose: Our Destiny.

As we share, we give our thanks to the Universe, and make this Dream of Oneness come true!

Love & Light always, Ilanit.