Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Electricity in the Air

Bonjour Friends

Have you felt a rise of your inner tensions lately?

Did you observe frictions among the people all around you, almost impossible to escape?

Stop wondering what is happening! The answer is in this message: There is electricity in the air!

Being conduits of energy, it affects our mood, our body, our lives, and all we can do, is learn to deal with it!

This might shock you, but no one else but ourselves can be held responsible for it, and soon we'll get to it.

In many science fiction stories picturing 'our future', it often seems that our civilization ends up annihilated by technology.

Somehow robots or other artificial intelligences manage to take over our society, reversing the 'original scenario' of creation, where human beings have taken control of their own personal 'alien'.

Science fiction? Just look around! What do you see?

'Electronics' has taken over our lives, and it's not only frying our brains and affecting our health, it's also modifying our heart and soul's DNA.

Don't misunderstand me here! Technology is great! I can surely appreciate the platform it has given me and most progress it brought us .

However, I started to see lately more of  the downside of it, and what my beloved teacher used to talk about decades ago:" Electronics will be the modern addiction of our time and people will 'lose' themselves in it before going back to basics!"

When people 'chat' more than speak, look more at their screens, phones...than at each others, post everything they do, even the most intimate instead of living the moment, and most importantly how social networks became the stage of our lives....and the list could go one and on.

Then, all I say is: "We can't deny that we have a problem!"

Science fiction has been trying to make us fear invasions and loss of freedom! 
In reality, it seems that we are doing this to ourselves and worst than that, we are addicted to it!

Did you ever try to leave your house without your portable phone/computer and shut down you connection to the social media?

I suggest that you give it try.

Be honest here: How do you feel just thinking about it?

Dear friends, I was guided to write this words today, not coincidentally.

For those, who understands that the Bible is our energy satellite for life, it will come as no surprise that we are about to start reading this week about the process of entering and then 'escaping 'slavery, which we learn is a universal code for people freeing themselves from any types of bondage and chaos, and first and foremost from our true opponent- 'the alien' inside keeping us slave to our egoistic desires.

By looking at our lives and seeing how captive we are, now is the best time to tap into that energy of Freedom!

Like any addictions, it might take effort to get clean, but let's take the first step and try each day to make some improvement.

Let's go out, to clear ourselves from parasites, and reconnect with: Nature, People and The divine Light.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.