Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Bonjour Friends

Do you remember that incredible feeling, one may experience as she or he walk into a "magical" place for the first time?

Take a second and try to think about it...and when I say "magical", it doesn't have to be of a spiritual nature exclusively.

No matter which place, you'll choose to remember, I can assure you of one thing: if you close your eyes or meditate upon this moment, you will still re-awaken the memory from within and you might even start to feel in your body, heart and soul: the joy, love and satisfaction you felt then.

This my friends is a divine gift! Our brain can create or re-create emotions & sensations in our body based on our memories!

Few days ago, I met an incredible man, a pure channel of Light (and believe me, I am a very careful/suspicious person, especially when it comes to spirituality!).

What I experienced though, sent me back 12 years ago when I met my beloved teacher for the first time. (Months after he revealed himself to me in a dream).
When I had finally found a link between "my two worlds".

In a flash, I was transported to the most wonderful place that I will simply call: "Home"!

As I looked at this man and he looked back at me, all the limitations/illusions of our physical reality just banished, and I was able to see what could be the most sparkling gleams of Light!
Suddenly, it was as if I was enveloped from head to toes by the most soothing coat, made of a fire that "lit but doesn't consume".

From time to time, if we're lucky enough, we get to experience: "That moment", when suddenly everything become magical perfection. Oneness!

Unfortunately, because we live in a world of fragmentation, we don't get to see it continuously or even hold to that picture as long as we'd like. (There is no doubt in my mind that if it was the case, we would be done with our work already!)

Anyhow, from that "Reminiscence", I came back with a piece of enlightenment, I'd like to share with you.

When it is difficult to clearly remember "the magic".

Let's use this gift, I mentioned before. Let's close our eyes, to find a place of stillness where Love & Unity flows, and project that vibration outside of ourselves, onto someone else, looking & embracing what is happening.

In our recent days, people opened up their mind to a concept called: "The laws of attraction".

Well... For centuries, it hasn't been a "secret", for Kabbalist & some others spiritual mentors. They perfectly knew that "Life" is a projection from within. This divine sparks we carry can create: "As above, As below". Which is the reason why, consciouscness is so essential!

In all my interactions, I always meditate upon "Love & Light"?
So, here comes my little story:

Once upon a time, three Angels, ( Love, Health & Sustenance) knocked at a poor man's door, asking him to choose which guest, he'd like to invite?

The man in need of all three energies thought. Yet indecisive, finally called his wife for advise.

"Love"! of course! Said the wife.

As he invited the Angel of Love to come in, "Health & Sustenance" followed.

To his surprise, they said: "Wherever Love goes, we go!"

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Many days, Many chances.

Bonjour Friends

Or..."Bonne Annee/ Happy New Year", I should  say?!

2011: What do you have in store for us?

Isn't it the underneath question, we most likely all have in mind as we are about to "restart" our engines for another round in the circuit of life?

During this time of the year: Astrologers, Numerologists, Psychics but also Economists etc...All wants to offer predictions about the future! Isn't it?

Well...I won't!

Okay!...If you insist, I might just share a few thought on the subject, but let's start from the beginning which always involve consciousness.

As I sat to write this article, I got reminded, once again, (Believe me, we keep forgetting it!), How loving and patient, the Light Force of the Universe is with us!

Did you ever count, how many opportunities, we receive to reset our computer and make it "virus-free"?

Well...You don't really need to, because, my Friends, the answer is: Endless!
(Thanks to the wisdom of Kabbalah for making me more appreciative of it).

Few days ago was the start of the civil New Year, which encapsulate seeds of Light according to the Bible itself.
Before was Rosh Hashana, the Kabbalistic New year of humanity.
Sometime soon will be, the New year of the Trees, which can give to each one of us, the power to raise above Gravity.
In a few month, Passover known as the Astrological starter will allow us to tap into the energy of Freedom...

Okay...I gonna have to stop there if I don't want to lose you!

My point was simply to make us realize that: It is up to us, to change our movie if we don't like it!

Actually, it's said that each day can become a new world, where we can experience our own rebirth!

The major problem is that we don't believe we can transform our reality.

So, guess what? Eventually,We can't!

For centuries, kabbalists and other spiritual leaders, (people just like you and me that decided to embrace their life, becoming channels for others at the same time) didn't believe in: "We Can't!".

Like it or not, "We Can't", is merely the result of a certain parasite inside of us that "won't!".

Bottom line, if we want to see change, it's enough of resolutions. Now is the time to go to work! is the great news:

2011: According to Numerology carry an energy #4, which "invite"us to go to work (organisation & determination), rather we choose the easy way or the  hard one, is up to us.

If we "wake-up" early, become braver and persevered, 2011, will be a great year to plant at the seed level , what we want to achieve in the long run.

This year if we work hard enough, physically and spiritually, we'll get one step closer to: True Freedom, where mind over matter is the everyday normal.

As always, our consciousness and the love in our heart are the keys to open all the locks that seems close.

I always heard, that solutions were created before the problems, and that the answer lay inside of us.

I wish for all us an amazing year.
Love & Light Always, Ilanit.