Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yours, Mine, Our fairy tale

Bonjour Friends

As I was studying for my Master in Education and Psychology, I took a class on;" Children's books" which taught us to analyze the hidden messages behind the most well-know fairy and folks tales.

Those stories were written as an entertaining way to address more serious prospects of life, such as: Love & Hate, Lost & Found, Life & Death, 'Light" and 'Chaos'...

Fairy tales were suddenly, far more complex than epic stories for children, though you might wonder what can we get from knowing this today?

Aware of it or not, those stories affected us in a deeper way than we think.
Honestly, who doesn't dream to found the most beautiful royal love? Who doesn't wish to be a powerful superhero?!....

No need to hide! It's great to have dreams!
The only problem though is that when we grew up, we somehow forgot the whole story, to just remember the end, you know the famous ..."And they lived happily ever after.The End", which causes most of us, to suffer from what I will call:"Fairy tales don't exist syndrome"!

Let's take our friend "Cinderella": Do you remember the whole story?

Now, how does she behave when things were 'difficult'  to say the least!?
Is it with self-pity, anger, jealousy or by blaming others?

No! It's with love, kindness, and abundant happiness that she considers each creature that crosses her path ! Which reminds me of another very special person.

Long time ago (somewhere between 1718-1800), in Anipoli, a small town of South-Eastern Poland lived a righteous man  (a person who lives according to the rules of the Universe) by the name of Rabbi Zusha, beyond all the challenges he encounters,(and he had many) he was well known for his unique spirit, his constant care and his famous expression "Everything is for good!"

What is the similarity between this too ?

Imaginary or real, both teaches us that Love, Kindness, Joy and Modesty are the key to more blessings and True Happiness.

I truly, believe that we are all meant to experience the most beautiful life!
By appreciating and sharing what we have, we can only convince the Universe to give us more.

And now, as in every story :

Let's all share our special song.
Some rhymes to echo our soul
There is no need for drum roll.
Only Love to spread along!

Sincerely, Ilanit

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The climb

Bonjour Friends

Each day is a Unique Gift of Light. Embrace it as if it was your first, yet, Share your all as if it was your last!
Pretty strong statement, isn't it?

Actually, it's a universal concept that has been mentioned in daily prayers from the time of creation.

The question is: How many of us are living according to it?

Spiritual teachings from around the world agrees in lots of matters, one of them is the power of our consciousness and desire. According to Kabbalah, we can transform ourselves and the world in a split of a second!
Our lives can turned around if we choose to. We only need to transport ourselves in this higher dimension, where we are in touch with our true potential and true reality.

How can we do it with so much chaos around?

Some of you probably know that I was born in Paris and lived there until I completed my formation. Until that time, my life from within looked very much as a spiritual booth camp that I survived without the tools I have today.
The only thing I had at the time was my love and certainty in a higher force that I knew was protecting me!

Could it be the answer in a simplest form?

What's amazing about this period of my life, is the way and the timing, on how things started to switch around. "Out of the blue" I found myself visiting Miami, moved there soon after, and started a whole new chapter of my life.
Passing the details, it was almost as I had traveled in a time machine and jumped into a future that I never thought about before.
Prior to that day, nothing had prepared me to this evolution or should I say revolution!
Today , when I am thinking about my life back then, it's almost like looking at another life! (Except for the accent and my love for "croissant"!)

Did you ever experience this type of feelings ? Looking at your past as it was someone else?

Sometimes, past events or "past life" are painful or don't reflect who we are now, but eventually they are part of our story.
By understanding the dynamic, they created within us, they can give us the key to unlock our present and built our future.

For this reason, I would like to take you with me back in time in order to support the thought for this week.

As, I was mentioning it last time, my first spiritual experience (that I was aware of) took place as I was twelve years old.
Sadly, I can remember it as it was yesterday. One morning, I woke up from a dream filled with details about a terrible event, only to see it happening in the real world few hours later.

Pretty disturbing for a first revelation.
This "gift" as people like to call it, is not always glitter and magic.
What you do with it, can be !
I believe that we're all extraordinary in our own special way ! Beyond our gifts, it's our desire to share a part of us with others and become a channel for the Light that makes us special !

Since that day, I personally understood that I had a responsibility in this world. It's how, I started to study and embraced my spiritual journey.

Paradoxically, as my first teacher was always telling me: (when I started to study kabbalah), spirituality is not about flying in the sky. We don't become spiritual by going to meditate in a mountain, but rather down to earth when we are facing our challenges and still try to make a difference in the world.

Unfortunately, it is easy to get lost: How many people are using spiritual tools, but after a while forget the purpose?!

"Becoming spiritual" is the way to fulfill our mission and reveal endless light in the world. It's also supposed to bring us closer to others.

However, there is always some individuals that get confused !

Those people become either disconnected from the rest of the world, or constantly on a search for the next "spiritual high". It becomes an addiction or another type of separation.

For this reason, we always need to remind ourselves that spiritual tools are not the purpose, but the way to access it!

Spirituality is a work, that carry the most fabulous reward : if we stay focus on the goal to achieve, we will eventually experience all the wonders that we can imagine and even more.

Together, let's climb the mountain and reach the ultimate level of elevation: One Heart, One Soul

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Twinkle Little Stars

Bonjour Friends

At the dawn of  a cosmic revolution, the world is experiencing lots of turbulences,

Beyond the appearances, those are 'invitations' sent by 'The Light' to join the path of enlightenment; 'Pushes from the Universe' to switch our consciousness.

As a result, and for the first time, we hear on a global level, 'Talks' about what  needs to be done in order to preserve our environment and ourselves.

Politics invites people to 'go green', holistic medicines raises from the ground, and organic foods are the new fast-food of the past.

Now, to succeed in this transformation, I say:" we should remain alert because as it says: "when we chase a natural behavior by the door, it tries to come back by the window".

In that attempt, it is important to understand that spirituality cannot be treated as 'a thing'!

It is not a new discipline , we check on our schedule which we will eventually replace for 'the next best thing' coming along.

Spirituality is not a superficial practice in vogue: It's a way of living inside and out!

It is a nature that we develop when times are good but most importantly when they are challenging.

From the age of twelve, I embraced my spiritual journey: I wanted to learn more about this Light that I felt was surrounding me, though my world was constantly at war.

Seeing the true beauty and perfection of the world is usually harder when things seem to fall apart, when our environment itself is "arming" us.
Moreover, it is during those challenging times that we express our true color.

Once a kabbalist said: "Whoever smile without a reason will receive from the universe a reason to smile". (Unfortunately, the opposite is also true).

Behind these words hides an unbelievable secret: our 'reality' should not determine our state of mind, rather our state of mind is the one that creates our reality!

Therefore, we must keep in mind at all time:
1. Our senses are showing us an upside down reality.(Don't ever fall for it!)
2. The Light force is always in the business.(Everything is always for the greatest good)
3. Enthusiasm* is a major key in this process.

Enthusiasm from the Latin word entheos or G-od within!
All together, with our light like little stars, we can brighten up the sky,

Love & Light Always, Ilanit

Monday, June 1, 2009

On your mark, Get ready, Set and Go !!!

Bonjour Friends

The countdown started. Three months of 'break' are about to be launch and my brain is already racing! I have to go over so many things this week, before wearing my "Supermom summer suit".

I still need to: publish my message, complete few charts, schedule meetings, go shopping (as an army is coming over), look for kid's activities, volunteer ... and I don't even mention all "the unexpected"!

Do I look stressed out? Why should I? Multitasking became the norm today, isn't it?

We are moms/dads, housewives, workers (doing one or more jobs to generate a living)...
The list is long, but no complains here!

Actually, it is not the quantity of work that generates our stress, but the pressure that comes from our mind.

My beloved teacher once said that our generation lives in a very exceptional time.
We are the actors of the ultimate show: "The grand Finale", but before we lift the curtain to reveal the whole picture, everybody needs to work on the last details, with more pressure than ever before

Truthfully, it's exciting, yet stressful at the same time.

During this critical time, we especially need to focus on restricting our impulses !

We all get our share of challenges, and it might feel at time that it never end, but ultimately, the real challenge is our thoughts and the way they affect our behavior.

Today, we should embrace our lives, as we were running a marathon.

When I was in high school, I did some running competition, I still remember the physical pain, when my muscles started to burn, yet the real challenge was the internal fight !
Although, if you keep running until the end, not only do you feel good, but you're achievement seems to help getting back all your energy ! I remember, I could sprint the last 100 meter, as I just started to run.

So how, do we take control over "our thoughts" ?
Like running, it's a matter of training/perseverance.

On this subject, researchers have been teaching us, that we need 21 days to take a new habit.

Furthermore, I'd like you to join me for this"thoughtful" challenge.

From now on:.

1.When a though come to you : acknowledge where it is coming from. Observe what you feel and what you want to do.
2. Remember that you always have a brighter alternative than being reactive
3.If you can't get it out of your mind, do something else (preferably something that is going to keep you very busy physically and mentally)
4.Practice meditation everyday. Learn what other tools work for you, to empower your soul.

Leaving the "mind over matter", is a constant work!
Our society easily accepts that we must regularly train our physical body to keep it strong.
Now, it's time to understand that it is the same with our spirit, so...

Let's the marathon begin !
See you at the finish line.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit