Monday, February 25, 2013

Beautiful Sparkling Lights

Bonjour Friends

Is it because for the past 37 weeks, my body gradually, yet significantly transformed- by a "Mal-jolie" my grandmother would have say (aka pregnancy)- and at that point, I feel more like "The Michelin Man" than my usual self ? Or that my self- image will always miss some pieces from the time I've been broken down as a teenager?

Anyhow...I, in general and most particularly recently, can only "smile" when I receive compliments on my physical appearance.

So... The other day, at the end of a meeting, when  one of "my long time friend" said to me as she left:"You have no idea, how beautiful you are ! (B'h)", just like an arrow reaches the heart of its target, it made me think and realized that:

"She was right!"

Please, don't mistake my words here, for some form of false modesty, I certainly do make a conscious effort to polish my external shell as well as my energetic field.
After all, being spiritual isn't about sacrificing the outside but creating harmony between the two: Body and Soul.

However, I felt that her words were the expression of a deeper message that could resonate with each one of us.

Most of the time, either through our believes or actions: We don't recognize or value our True Beauty: "The Light within"!

I don't have exact numbers but I am pretty sure that even according to psychological studies, most men and women in the world, beyond what "you see"on the outside are truly less than happy/ proud/ confident on the inside.

Remember, the loud voice of the opponent within us, knows very well how to convince most people of their lack and unworthiness and after years of meeting and sensing people, you will realize -as I did- that the one with the most "self- confidence" are often the one with the most hidden fragility!

Having said that- Now, it makes more sense why the fundamental biblical statement, common to all, specifically says: "Love thy neighbor as yourself"  and not just "Love your neighbor"!

This teaching is dense and will most likely requires years of techniques and practice to be mastered.

Yet, we all can start by awakening this simple truth within our consciousness:

Learn to love others cause just like you, they often feel in the secret room of their heart: lonely, unloved, insecure, scared....Even when they project the opposite.

Simultaneously: Learn to love, to forgive yourself and be grateful and proud for this diamond that you carry within yourself.

Each one of us is a unique divine spark that need to be cherish and share.

Life is a gift for each one of us that allow us to learn, experiment and (yes!) make mistakes as we do.

In that journey, we don't need to judge others or ourselves harshly.

As a matter of fact, all we need is: To Love!

Each time we do, we get closer to see, just like a reflection in a mirror:
The Beautiful Sparkling Lights, We truly are!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.