Thursday, July 22, 2010

"All we need is Love"

Bonjour Friends

Here we are, another week, another piece "of article/of my heart"!

Some call it: blogging, I rather name: sharing the Light.

And...For those of you that are now familiar with my work; "My Friends", you already know that my favorite Mojo is: Love & Light!

Nevertheless, this week inner process was a bit different for me.

Since my last publication, as I usually do, I allowed my mind to wonder, here and there in order to connect to the Universal source of wisdom, trying to come back with something empowering and nurturing for the soul.

I would pick a thought that crossed my mind due to a conversation or an event of my daily life and let it take me to a place where one idea like a leaf, suddenly revealed itself, attached to a branch and becomes part of a magnificent tree.

Before I know it, I usually come back into this reality with a whole picture, excited by the idea to share it with you.

Well...This time wasn't that simple, and maybe that was the point!

(It might as well be, today undercover lesson).

Every time I tried "to see" the ramification of a thought, my mind will show me a part but never a completed image.

After few days of trying, it became each time even more challenging, more ideas and possibilities without a cohesion making me say: "This is it!".

At that point, I wasn't doubting that it would come to me (I already went through that and resolved this issue), but...I was wondering: When would I get clarity and discernment from all those options?

Does this ever happen to you? Knowing that every situation has a solution, yet being worry about it!

In my case my struggle came to an end, few days ago in the middle of a "Target's store" as if I needed a more subtle answer:"Stay simple and focus on the goal"!

I, "coincidentally" met a friend and started to catch up on life. Our conversation made me tell her few simple truths: spiritual achievement and sharing don't always have to be complicated, not everyone is meant to travel across the world to save it!

What most of us need though, is to be alert and present of their surrounding and decrypt the opportunities we receive daily.

Sometimes a little act of kindness, patience, or friendship can go a long way!

Those moments might not look as extraordinary as some others, it doesn't mean they are less in value!

And here comes a little story...

Once upon a time, a great kabbalist was ready to leave this world. He first gathered all his students and left them with a specific message on what they needed to do.

To one of them, he said: "You must change the world" and then he left.

For a whole year, the student traveled as far as he could to spread kindness.

Then, one night his teacher came to him into a dream saying:"Why did you go so far?"

To make the long story short, from one year to another, the student under the guidance of his teacher reduced his radius of work, from the world to his country, his town, neighborhood and family.

In the last dream, he understood from the words of his teacher that saving the world is about "saving ourselves"!

What does it mean?

Kabbalah says that our worst enemy is ourselves. It's our inability to "Love".

I know, it might sound cliche, yet true: "All we need is Love", with a capital L for Light.

Sincerely, Ilanit

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sensible & Emotional

Bonjour Friends

How have you been for the past few weeks?

Do the words "Sensible & Emotional" come to mind?

Don't worry... You're certainly not the only one feeling that way!

You've been under the cosmic vibration called: "Cancer".

More than a thousand years ago, Kabbalistic astrology, (one precious tool from the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah) revealed to us that the same way the Moon influences the tides of the oceans; the 7 main planets of our universe, which connect to the 12 signs of the zodiac influences us daily.

After all: Aren't we mostly made of water?

Nevertheless, this knowledge isn't about giving us our personal horoscope and/ or leaving us in a "victim" position of our fate.

No! On the contrary, it's about knowing the energy available, mastering its advantages and overcoming its challenges.

Since, "knowing" is a step closer to "changing", let me share with you the enlightenment this energy brought into my life.

During one of my meeting, I found myself sharing some very personal memories in order to guide my new friend.

Looking in my past, I realized that the 25th first years of my life have been truly a military spiritual workshop, a highly intense training for my future.

During that period, I saw and experienced lots of the human negativity causing psychological, emotional and physical pains.

The intimate presence of the Light force of the Creator in my life was actually the only brightness that kept me in place.

At the time though, I was believing that true fulfillment can't be achieved on this Earth.

Obviously, I hadn't found a spiritual teacher at the time, I would just pray everyday to find some peace.

Not always able to understand the gap between Light and darkness.

I, even found myself looking with envy the destiny of those people that choose to devote their life to God. Loving and sharing, yet protected by walls!!!

Well...I am Jewish, so... It couldn't possibly be my destiny!

(I hope, I don't offend anyone here, but my pains was that intense).

Back then, I was crying to find my Temple, knowing that the Light was the only source that could give it to me!

I didn't understand that "The Light is everywhere" means: Even in our challenges!!!

To sweeten our life, we must face our test and change our position from being the effect to being the cause!

Most importantly, we should not build walls around ourselves because we've been hurt.

Connecting to "The Light", it's about opening and removing the layers that surround our heart!

Once upon a time, a man was eager to get closer to the divine.
He decided that the world he was living in was inferior in value, so he left everything behind him.
He found himself a mountain and started a process of meditation to connect with the upper world, begging for God to reveal itself to him.
After days of fasting and meditating...a voice talked to him!
God! Is that you?! I've been dreaming for this moment to come.
Where are you? Can I see you?
Sure! said God
Look down your summit: Do you see the people bellow? I am right there!

Love & Light
Sincerely, Ilanit.