Monday, May 18, 2020

Message #35

Bonjour Friends,
When I was a young girl, some shade, a towel (no, not even a chair!) on a beach was all that we needed to experience 'Paradise".
Back then, we didn't need bunch of activities or stimulations. Swimming, laying down, looking at clouds was enough to make us feel grateful to be alive.
Today, our world as been plagued by a dis-Ease: It is now so hard for most, to appreciate 'the view', nor of the panorama or the souls around.
In 1988, more than 30 years ago 'Just do it!" not only became a famous slogan of a footwear company, it has been the embodiment of the mentality of our society.
People have lost their way/right to just stay still,connect and breathe. The worst! Most think this past is 'so has been' and that now is the way of an advanced society - Unaware that this hyper physical and mental activity actually causes so much suffering and anxiety.
It says, (without going into what it really means) the biggest trick the Devil has played on us, is to make us believe it doesn't exist!
If you have seen or felt it Let your heart stands strong in its will of 'just being'!
Sooner or later, Truth will be revealed, and many will be joining in.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.
C life through a spiritual I

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