Monday, May 18, 2020

Message #18

Bonjour Friends,
A few years ago, one beautiful spring morning,I was with my youngest daughter by the pool of my community when I witnessed this heartbreaking scene (at least that's how it felt for me). Two young man, visibly on vacation, were basking under the Floridian sun, sipping a drink and talking.
What's wrong with that?
Although, everything seems to describe a great moment of connection, none of them ever looked at the scenery or worst at each other, sitting side by side their eyes were riveted on their phones, in a scrolling fever!
Today, we have been asked to observe 'social distancing', and technology has become for many the only way to connect with others, isn't it an irony?
Well...As we have learned: To rise up , we often need to touch the bottom ground!
May 'Tomorrow', see us AWAKEN, more grateful and aware of what's matter! In togetherness, One with The Light!
Love & Light always, Ilanit.
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