Monday, May 18, 2020

Message #49

Openhearted Letter to Self (to share with others who need to hear this)

Bonjour Friends,
For the longest time, I thought that as a lightworker, I must master the art of an ever positive 'Poker face', even in the mist of adversity. And while I gave my unconditional , ever non- judgmental love and support to others, I always pushed down any personal distressed feelings, for they were the true enemies of my spirituality.
Now, truth is, one strong minded person who as endure a lot and managed to rise up, can live like this for a pretty long while, (no one, not even oneself knowing the depth of the pains buried in ).
But then, one day, when the least expected, one might be 'hit in the face', and finally realize he/she is human. This is the day, that one must finally give to him/herself what he/she has been given to everyone else: 'Love and Light'.
Right then, give yourself a warm hug, a shoulder to cry, and know that in this moment of humanity, your divine soul is shining its brightest.
We are divine spirits living a human experience, and one day it all be unified.
That day, the sun and the moon, and the whole world will shine together as one.
Love & Light Always, Ilanit.
C life through a spiritual I

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