Monday, May 18, 2020

Message #17 for 2020

Bonjour Friends,
As far as I can remember, words of wisdom have been fueling my spirit. Whether, I heard, read, channeled, meditated, sang or shared them, they always seems to have the ability to help me get to the place where my soul, like the sun always shine.
Nonetheless, because other words are also playing in our heads, it becomes a conscious learning exercise to have repetitive positive exposure in order to overthrow the side effect of the negative ones.
Indeed, thoughts and negative words would rise, but being mindful, and spiritually fit, will allow us to observer them without being overthrown by it!
In this human experience, we have, and still will experience, 'Thunders and Storms", but above the darkest clouds, The Light is, and will always shine!
Love & Light always, Ilanit.
IC by Ilanit
C life through a spiritual I

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