Monday, May 18, 2020

Message #25

Bonjour Friends,

This week, kids and families all around 'homes/schools', are invited to use their creative mind to express gratitude for their teachers (which also extend to other people who influence their lives in a positive way). Doing so with my youngest daughter, actually reminded me of "The Letter writer", a movie I greatly enjoyed watching few years ago. A story reminding us, how a simple note filled with words of encouragement, love and kindness, even given to a stranger, can affect someone's life far beyond words!
For years, I have been blessed to receive messages to inspire others, which truly has no price.
Moreover today,I thought was a beautiful day to shout out a little louder than usual: Thank You, or as I would say Bachuch Hachem!
It might be also an auspicious time, for whoever feels incline to it, to express gratitude, love or support by extending it to someone who might tremendously need it, at this time.
Wishing for each one of you, to know that you matter, you are cherished and loved.
So, be strong and let your unique and beautiful light shine.
Love & Light Always, Ilanit
IC by Ilanit
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