Monday, May 18, 2020

Message #38

Bonjour Friends,
Nothing like having a toddler at home who chances are will make you play the same tape over and over again, to teach you about the quality of our "mind/ recorder/player'! Believe me, when I say that a song can endlessly replay itself in loops for days, even through the night, making you wish you knew where to press 'The Eject button'!
When I started to practice yoga, I initially felt really uncomfortable with the 'sounds part' (ohm, ah, mm...),However, when I started to think of it as some exercises to release stress and to relax me, it became magical! An amazing tool to help switch any negative tapes playing in our mind.
It says; " Solutions are created before the problem"
Colors, Scents, Sounds are few of the divine gifts given to us, to transform the effect of what we see, feel or hear.
It's simple, Play with it!
Love & Light Always,Ilanit.
C life through a spiritual I

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