Monday, May 18, 2020

Message #19 for 2020

Bonjour Friends,

WARNING!!! This message is longer and deeper than usual, however, I am URGING You to read through it, and SHARE it with as many.
As you may know, I often talk about The Power of Words.
From the time of creation, we know that:"Words have the power to build or destroy".
Now.... Did you know about the intersect relationship between words and numbers?
Early on in my life, I was exposed (acknowledgement to my Rabbi's dad here) and later initiated in that secret coded language aka: Gmatria or Kabbalistic Numerology.
The use of Gmatria, is ancient, yet so relevant and powerful to bring deep teachings and understandings, by looking deeply into the vibrations/numbers of words/names.
So, the other night while involve in a spiritual study, when I had a 'whispering thought' inviting me to look into 'COVID-19', my first reaction was:"Of course! (Why haven't I thought about it?!) followed once I did by: "I can't believe it!"
Now, before going into it,I'd like to make it clear, that there is always an unknown dimension of what is the ultimate divine thought, and most importantly, it will never erase the fact that too many lives have been lost and so many at risk, (which we should cry and pray for in our hearts), but such a gleam of light, might show us what to do, so it never happens again! So,stick around, together we are stronger and as my beloved teacher always said:"When we turn on the Light, Darkness disappear!"

#1 COVID (3+6+3+9+4= 25/7) Now, is a time of reflection, to look within, re-asset, reconnect and ask: Who Are We? Why am We here? How can We contribute to this world and fulfill our spiritual purpose and destiny?
#2 19/10/1 This combination tells us: there was abuse of power, many got lost in the 'Me', and so the wheel of life must turn, our egos must shrink (yud/10 being the smallest of the letters) to bring us back to the one. We can be leader or anything we dream to be, only if we remember who is the source behind it, and why and how we are doing it?!
#3 COVID-19, we can look at it in different ways, which nonetheless tells one story. (25+1=26, 7+10=17,25+19=44, 7+1=8)
The darkest hours precede the brightest revelations of light, (17=Tov/good),A promise that things would eventually be good, sooner than later if we keep on pushing. By making an internal switch, we will be able to rebuilt on stronger foundation(44/8) rooted in a spiritual AWAKENING. ONE with another, ONE with THE LIGHT, which coincidentally?!? most known and powerful name is the Tetagrammaton, Gmatria: 26 (also found in the 1/Aleph, the one letter told to stand tall at the end of the world as we know it, when we will all come in total UNITY.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

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