Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sometime Stop means Love.

Bonjour Friends

I don't know about you, but I don't spend a day without being amazed and excited with which perfection the world function.
Yes! Even when it means to be surrounded by challenges.

Actually, it's this organized system that regulates everything behind the scene that is my constant inspiration for my writing and the "code", I always try to decrypt for myself and others.

Sometime, the stories and events of the world around me, my family, my friends, the people that I work and interact with becomes the words on my paper.

Sometime, it's my own personal experiences (past and present) that provide me with a material to discuss.

"My dreams", finally are my ultimate source of life's insight.

What becomes pure magic ?

It's the combination of all of them to create a momentum, when suddenly reality becomes clear as crystal!

Today, was for me one of those moments when we almost can see through the curtain.

Different experiences, made me realized something in a way I never understood so clearly before.

Many people, (including myself) mix- up being spiritual with having a good morality.

Consequently, we tend to act "extra-good"( never being upset, never saying no, being patient, having self-control etc...)

No matter, what the situation is (an angry person, someone that keeps asking for our energy without ever giving anything back...), we believe that working on ourselves, and loving our neighbor means to accept beyond what is acceptable.

We believe this is being spiritual. Well...It is not always true!

"Being good" in it spiritual sense means being complete, which send us back to the original dynamic of: we are here to learn to balance the two poles of energy inside of us, to harmonize the desire to share vs the desire to receive, by using restriction.

Furthermore, for certain persons and / or in certain situations, "being good": it's to say no!

It's to confront in order to recreate balance.

By experiences, certain situations required a different approach, sooner than later if we want to solve the issue and shine light on it.

The perfect story to illustrate this "anti-good" attitude is the one of the father with his son that wanted to itch his eye with a knife.
Loving someone pro-actively is to not always agree on everything. If we don't, it will only cause damages for anyone involved at some point.
In this case, does the father should accept the request or should he says no, even if it means a big temper tantrum ?

As we entered the new year (5770) according to the point of view of creation, we are highly influenced to take the lead for ourselves and the world to open up our heart and soul to new ways, beyond what has been ours until now and to shine Light in the world as never before.

Sincerely, Ilanit

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