Thursday, September 17, 2009

(2)H2 + O2 <-> (2)H2O

Bonjour Friends

Do we (you) choose to live our days according to the spiritual rules of the universe for a while, or do we just awaken our consciousness to it, one law is unchangeable, no matter which "philosophy"we decided to follow : if we wish to affect our outside reality, we must first look inside ourselves!

The commitment to change from within and the understanding that our circumstances truly are opportunities to evolve to a better self, those are the ultimate factors to succeed in the achievement of our original purpose (which by definition is the key to access personal and global fulfillment).

Whow! Pretty intense and "simple", isn't it?!

Well...since we are still here after nearly 6000 years of existence, I'll guess that it's easier said than done!

In this journey of transformation, we therefore need to become more aware and responsible for our words & actions, and most particularly the effect they may have on the universe.

As I explained to my girls the other day, our words & actions are like a boomerang. Consequently:

1-Whatever we send out will come back to us in a positive or negative way depending on what we through away in the first place.

2-Beyond ourselves, "our boomerang" will also affect others as it travel into the air.

It's actually with this thought in mind that my blog was created and still is as I write these words.

I wanted to give a voice to "my thoughts" and share a message of Light that will travel and reach anyone that wished to strengthen their own flame .

Nevertheless, I did not want to become another teacher. I rather like to think of myself as a pioneer that shares what she saw in the front line with the rest of the platoon.
Someone that is not afraid to share a piece of herself to reach victory.

In this fight against darkness, it is essential to choose wisely our arms.

As sure as spores will repopulate the earth with beautiful new leaves, once transported by the wind.
As sure our sharing & loving ways will spread the Light around the world.
This is my ultimate belief: when we put on the Light, the darkness disappears!

What is the connection with my title? (2)H2 + O2 <-> (2)H2O

In a chemical equation, there is a fundamental law that says that when we combine molecules together as above:"Nothing is lost, Nothing is created, Everything is transformed"

In other words, Energy is Eternal !

Sincerely, Ilanit

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