Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tooth fairy and friends.

Bonjour Friends

Up to a year ago, if it was not for the support of very determined spiritual guides: True Friends from here and there, I'll probably still be waiting for a way to embrace what I believe is my destiny.

See, like everyone else there are two sides of me:

In one hand, I am just a young mom, a wife that works on creating a life filled with love and harmony (and let's admit it, has the tendency to please everyone to avoid conflicts). A real Pisces, will say my astrologer's friends, that absolutely doesn't like to make waves.

In another hand, there is a fiery Aries, a fighter that will do anything she can to put on the Light in the world and make the darkness disappear.

I believe, for that matter that we all try to juggle with the two aspects of ourselves.

In one side, our reactive nature wants to keep us in the same place, leaving the same patterns.
Then, on the other side our higher self, constantly pushes beyond our comfort zone!

In my "movie", could be because I have vivid past life memories and/or present experiences of discrimination, it took me a while to take an opened leadership for my life.

I might have looked confident and excited on the outside, but subconsciously I was also scared !

When we embrace our spiritual journey, and/ or start to stand out in the crowd: how many people start to look at us as some mystics leaving in wonderland ?

Waking ourselves up to spirituality, can provoke very strong reactions !

Suddenly, we might also become the disposable battery for some other type of people that love what they feel and get, but won't take responsibility for themselves to make this change.

My beloved teacher use to say:" There is a great difference between giving and sharing", a true channel will not just feed others. Instead, he will teach them to generate foods for themselves.

Nevertheless, in this journey to become a beacon of Light, there are lots of helpers ready to give us a hand too !

To illustrate this thought, I would like to share one of the stories that I had the chance to be part of. I named it: "The tooth "

About a year ago, I looked for a dental office to take care of some cavities. Soon after, my new dentist and her assistant "went to work". After the second visit, one of my teeth turned out to be a root canal, we decided that I will have to come back another time that week.

That day, there was a new guy assisting my dentist. Apparently, he was usually trained in another office.

As I was laying there, something not unusual yet surprising happened !

An old lady "standing" behind him started to talk to me, as they were working on my teeth.

She said that she was his grand-mother that she took care of him, since he was little, and that she loved him very much. She just hoped that he will trust himself a little more as well in his private life than professional one. ( Lots of his girlfriends tend to leave him, which make him feel unworthy, and when it comes to his work, he tends to doubt himself too,'s what she told me). She wants him to stand proud, because it has a lot to offer and all of this challenges are part of his process to get there.

How am I going to deliver this message ? I am thinking

As he glued back my provisional teeth, the fear kept growing in my stomach !
To make it even harder on me, his grandma was insisting.

I was sorry but...I just could not do it ! It's one thing to talk to people when they are coming to meet with you and another to speak to a total stranger.

So,I left.

Once in my car, as I was looking into my mirror the work they did, something unbelievable happened : My teeth just fall off, like she had never been glued !
As, I hold it into my hand, The grandma's voice resonated into my head :" Now, you can go back to the office and please, tell him what I just told you before!"

After an hour of waiting, (I guess it was the price to pay for hesitating)
The young assistant was, of course the one that took care of me !

This time, assured that I was doing the right thing, I introduced myself and explained to him, the previous events.
Not only, he was responsive, but he almost broke into tears, simply grateful like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders!

I never saw him again!

Children , believe for a while about tooth fairy and other friends. It is comforting to know that there are some magical spirits watching over us, which is the truth : The only thing we need to "see it", is faith.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

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  1. Amazing story Ilanit !!! you gave me the goose bumps ! Love you, M