Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Deja Vu.

Bonjour Friends

Although I am originally from France, I was very surprised the first time that I heard the expression:"Deja vu !"

A common expression which describe  this feeling of "seen before" like a past life or past events memories, I would have said that I had a "flash" or "flashback". Funny isn't it?!

In any case, "Deja vu" is exactly how I felt last week!

I find myself "re-living" a situation that had already occurred less than 2 years ago.

What a "coincidence"?! Isn't it? Exactly, at the time of the year (month of Virgo) when we are supposed to clear and order our lives, just before starting a new chapter refreshed and strengthen up.

Big or small, when a situation/challenge presents itself again, we must first stop and realized that we get a new opportunity to fix it.

What our past reaction has been and what our future one will be: this is truly what will determine our success or not!

Furthermore, to learn, grow and move on, there are two things that we should always have in mind.

1- Every time that we feel the urge to react in an unbalance way : Restrict.

Of course, at time challenges can get very scary, and we are human after all!
However, just for awhile, let observe the situation in a scientific way, putting aside our emotions.

There are three types of fears that most people are sensitive to:

The primal fears such as being sick, hungry or dying...that awaken the instinct of survival.
The modern fears as an effect of the world we live on: the stress to pay the bills, to keep our credits... and finally the egoistic fears: all the needs of love, respect, recognition...

What is the antidote to survive any of these infections ? It is the correct question to ask, which send me back to the second most important thing.


Each time we raise our vibration to a place of love and certainty, where we are whole, and we have plenty to share, we keep the doors opened for the Light to come in, (the solution has been created before the problem, remember?).
In addition, we'll stop with us the domino's effect that would otherwise affect others to fall too.

We are "trained" to always be scared about tomorrow, and what we may lose:
if we could bring ourselves to see that there is no reason to be scare since nothing really belongs to us, and that all our possessions even our soul is a deposit, we might finally appreciate without fear of losing it what we have.

There was once a kabbalist that understood that very well !

In order to not fund is happiness upon is belongings, he would wake-up each day, work for his leaving and will end it without a dime.
Getting back his body and soul, each morning was the promises that it would be a day blessed by the goodness of the Light.

I would like to dedicate this blog to "mon cheri", my rock.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

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