Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Driving Lessons

Bonjour Friends

Just thinking about it, I find it incredible that 4 years (-ish) have passed since I wrote my first article: 'Road Trip'.

Have  I ever share with you my first intentions was to make a videotape diary, to share "my thoughts" with people I worked with in private session and/or anyone open to it?

However, that Sunday night  when I received almost word by word this original message, I just had to write it down, following the guidance of this 'unique GPS', I was talking about.

What was even more incredible  for me at the time was how I learned some of that modern technology ( blog setting, editing, picture dragging, publishing...) even though it was far from being my forte!

Surprisingly, it was simple!

All I had to do, was to follow the 'G-od Particle Speaking' from within, and after all isn't it what is requested from us?

In that journey, we might drive different cars, ride different lines of the highway, some will drive fast or slow, some will swerved between lines... We might be alone or with passengers or even carpooling a mini-van or a school-bus...

At the end of the day, the details won't matter: We'll all eventually reach the same destination!

Truth is, it's a long journey with lots of beauty to see but lots of bumps too!

Furthermore, when it feels overwhelming, it's also fine to pull in the emergency line and take a break.

We can use this time to dial "The Light" with even more passion to get support or a friend that has a fast access to it, at least until our vision gets clearer.

As I always say, It is alone a precious gift to find a  teacher or a friend  who can give us driving lessons but most importantly love and support.

Yet! Only you can go and drive!

When I became a mother, and now that I welcome my third child, one thing eventually became even more clear: as a parent, a guide or simply as a friend, all we can do is to share from the heart all we know, learn, see or feel...Hoping that it would make a difference in someone else's life, especially when comes the time for them to drive on their own.

May this drive be safe and smooth for us all and filled with:

Love & Light always, Ilanit.

I'd like to dedicate this words, to the man who as been loving me unconditionally since I took my first breath until his last...Papie, this words were whispered to me after your journey took you on the other side of the bridge where Mamie was waiting for you: yet I already felt your love shining on me as always and now forever!

Papie & Mamie, once again united in Heaven,:je vous aime!

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