Thursday, July 7, 2011


Bonjour Friends

When people gather together, they often enjoy talking: politics, society or some other topics "in vogue".

Personally, the one thing that keeps me going is: spiritual matters.

Talking about life and the different nuances of light in it, but also sharing "inputs" with others as I start to communicate with their soul is just like oxygen to breathe.

The same way, a singer is feeling complete when he sings, "sharing our light" is the most significant way for experiencing "The Light".

For this reason, it says: Sharing / Loving is the "One" purpose of life!

However, to reach this ultimate level, we all need to transform our tailor made "ego suit" and today, it's: the control versus letting go outfit that I would like to address.

Independently of our differences, it seems almost certain that anyone wish to be happy.

Nevertheless, we're all raised to believe via family, society, religion and other sources that: this work, that relationship and/or achievement is the only way to have a taste of it!

Almost everyone, has a specific opinion on how they will experience: "happiness", focusing all their might and energy to get it!

(I will let you here, draw your own picture in your mind, to see all the details that such behavior can cause in someone life).

Well...Often we're missing the point!

Happiness is first and foremost a state of mind, a way of appreciating life.

Happiness passes by us, when we concentrate our full attention on the present moment and on how much of our sparks we can share, in any given time and situation.

As it says:

" Happiness is like a butterfly, the more you pursuit it, the more it eludes you, but if you are patient (and persevered in your selflessness and certainty), it will settle upon you, when you least expect it".

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

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