Thursday, July 21, 2011

The doors of abundance

Bonjour Friends

Once upon a time, a righteous soul, a great Kabbalist chose to live each day of his life as it was the first and last at once.

He understood, that it's upon oneself to see each single day as a present for a new life!

In the morning, he'd wake-up filled with appreciation and excitement; committing himself to seize every opportunities presented before him.

He'd work hard for "his bread", and even harder to share everything he has: his heart and soul, as well as the rest of the money he earned with whoever in need crossed his path.

At the end of a busy day, he'd thought that if he was lucky enough: "Tomorrow", he'd have another chance to do the same.

Falling asleep happy, "Today" was the one chance to make a difference for himself and the world!

About 13 years ago, my "future husband" that I had just started dating, shared this story with me.

Was it that I was new to the"English language"? or that I didn't get the depth and message behind it?

However, I thought then, that was a "crazy story"! Would anyone live that way today?

Well...Years later, I realized that this story "stuck with me", and actually affected me in a very personal way for even longer.

See...When I was younger, I never made any type of calculation, when I shared "my gift" with others.

It was simple...flawless as a conversation. I was "in the business of the Light".

Back then, there was no wondering: Do I create unbalance between giving and receiving? (what Kabbalah calls:"Bread of shame") or this is part of my work and I need to schedule an official meeting.

I knew that there was another type of payment, one that is unlimited and I was "rewarded",each time that I was going with the flow, beyond one can measure and...this is the message that I got from this story.

If we don't make calculation, particularly when we share and we have complete certainty that there is a perfect system of retribution, this is the time that we'll see "The Face of The Light" and how much the universe has to offer us.

Everyday of my life: either with this blog or the "spontaneous meetings" that I have, at any given time or place of the day, I'd share "free-ly" more than I get pay for "my services", and I would not replace this with anything.

The beauty in it, is to see other types of doors open as if The Light was standing front of me, opening them for me.

When we expand our heart to be there for others, "magically" we make room to receive true abundance and well being for ourselves as well.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

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