Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Surfing the waves

Bonjour Friends

For the past two weeks, some personal events, conversations & thoughts made me (once again!) reflect on life.

What a journey! Isn't it?

I certainly believe the words saying that our generation is the most courageous yet, and that we bravely volunteered to incarnate in this time of "Oy ve Ashrei"/ "Light & darkness to its extreme".

Day after day, it becomes clearer that something is going on, and that our world will never look the same.

However, in the midst of chaos, when we expect it the less: There is Light!

Personally, this is what I choose to focus on!

Unfortunately, as this shift happen and this necessary transformation is taking place, we will hear more and more people going fatalist to not say "apocalyptic".

As I started to study Kabbalah, the first thing I learned from my beloved teacher was and always is: "When we turn on the light, the darkness disappear"!

If you please, I'd like to share my vision on this.

Few years ago, before I came out with "Intuitive Counseling by Ilanit" as a way to present myself, I have been struggling a long time.

Deep inside, I just knew that another term for "Intuitive" would label me in a category, I didn't want to belong.

The message, I was given was clear, the best way to truly help people is to teach them to build their own bridge with the upper worlds.

Too often, that they admit it or not, people are going to "professional" to receive "a quick fix", and many "spiritual workers" agreed to that deal, but ...What is the point?
It seems to me, that both are forgetting what's the real purpose of life.

This time around, I was taught that it's about each one of us taking responsibility, it's about strengthening our own connection with the Light Force of the Universe and doing the job.

As G-od said to Moses front of the Red Sea: "Why are you crying out to me?"

Subtitle: Did I not give you all the tools you needed already? I am inside of you... Just Do It!

Today, before putting our arms down front of adversity, here are the three fundamentals we need to work on:

1- Sharing and Caring unconditionally.

2- Restricting and Transforming our selfish reactive desire. (Ego: we all have one!)

3- Having complete Certainty, beyond what our logical mind is telling us to believe.

In this unique time, more and more "Lightworkers" are going to come out to guide others, you might even be one of them!

To honor this mission, the 3 points above should be our common mantra, the 3 columns that make the system works and the Light to be revealed.

Those are the 3 fundamental keys to elevate our consciousness and rise above the waves, to surf our way back home.

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

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