Monday, June 17, 2019

Message #21 06/2019

Bonjour Friends,

Much like the hatching of a butterfly, 'The spiritual awakening' of a human being can be challenging to say the least, yet necessary it seems in order to be able to fly.
Now, we can identify two types of scenario:
1- The soul try to come thru by making one's feel inadequate, misunderstood, off in its own force us to seek answers.
2- The Universe creates circumstances, spinning us around like a laundry machine, to pretty much cause the same feelings and reaction.
In both cases, the process to see and understand what is happening, to hear the scream of our 'True' more elevated self who wants to come out might even lead us toward a path of self destruction:
If you are this person or know someone showing theses signs, I Urge You: Don't give up and reach out to others who have been there! What you are bond to find, even though the game will still be on is: True greatness and Endless possibilities to be who you were always meant to be: A shinning spark of the Divine!
C life through a spiritual I

Love& Light Always, Ilanit.

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