Monday, March 25, 2019

Message #12 03?2019

How do we remove darkness in the world? It has been said so many times in so many ways, that: 'To change the world we must change ourselves"
Moreover, in order to do so, it becomes obvious that we must first delve deeper in the understanding of what darkness is? Obviously, the grand majority of us aren't murdered, rapist, despot, thieves... So it is fair to ask what darkness within us can we change to affect the darkness existing outside? 
On that subject, many have talked about transforming our own short tempers such as: Anger, Jealousy, Addictions, Sadness, Fears... but in reality there is another level of darkness we don't address enough: The hidden darkness! The one that causes us to sabotage ourselves over and over again!
Let's think about it for a moment in all honesty.
How many out there keep on (subconsciously) preventing getting what they want the most ?(love, success, happiness)
Due to past traumas, we all carry negative programs buried in our unconscious that brainwashes and makes us believe that if "We don't have it", either we don't really deserve it or it cannot last!?!
Our reactive behaviors are only the effect, let's debunk those negatives programming who causes them, and give ourselves to The Everlasting blessings of The Light.
Just by lighting one single match,darkness is bond to disappear.
C life through a spiritual I

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

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