Monday, April 2, 2018

Message #23 04/2018

Bonjour Friends,

One thing we can learn from the tabloids, (which is also the exact reason why we shouldn't waste our energy and/or money buying or reading them) is that 'The Primal Spirit' loves to take energy by recreating the same scenario, over and over again.
1- 'The Honeymoon" 
At first, it will raise someone up, an individual (or a couple), by putting him on a pedestal for all his greatness.
2-'The Fall' 
After a while, it will inject doubt over its abilities and goodness (which now might have indeed been affected by so much un-channeled attention) and depict him as the 'next bad thing" (though still on the front page).
3-' The Great Comeback"
Lastly, after a journey of ups and downs, if the roots and talent were genuine, the now, hopefully wiser being, might have a shot at redemption.
While 'The Primal Spirit" might seems to always be the winner, if one remembers his gift, purpose, and the real power allowing him to express them, he might just have discovered the road for lasting success.
May we all learn to navigate our personal Wheel of Fortune, grow more connected to The Light and become Free & Eternally Fulfilled. &
C life through a spiritual I

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

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