Friday, October 17, 2014


Bonjour Friends

Do you know how much time we spend "living" in fear?

And most particularly in fear of "The Future"?

Obviously, it isn't something we can accurately measure, but it does seem that "An Eternity" has passed, when our mind dwells in such worrisome thoughts. Isn't it?

Though fear, just like stress was injected as a self-defense mechanism. Over time, it became "The Master" who enslaves us to live in the nightmare of our own alternate reality.

As a Lightworker, many people come to me with such feelings, and though in their physical aspect they're often legitimates, by elevating to a supernal level of consciousness, I also witnessed "their cause & effect" disappearing altogether.

Furthermore, now is certainly the perfect time to free ourselves (for good) and claim back our divine right to a fearless life.

Now, is the time to; "Stop fearing "The Future"and know that around each corner of "The Unknown"a perfect "Present" await for us!"

How? By uprooting the problem at its seed level.

Consciousness being Everything: Our thoughts creates "Now", the reality of tomorrow!

So, instead of busying ourselves with negative limited thoughts, let's connect ourselves to "The Divine & Limitless Spark within".

Now, as my beloved teacher learned himself, the best way to do so isn't only by feeding our mind with positive reinforcements or teachings, but most importantly by being busy to awaken this spark in someone else's life.

My Friends,

The equation is actually simple:

To Fear less, One needs to care more.

As we are busy caring for others to connect to "The Light"
We now fear less for a future that we help make it bright!

Love & Light Always, Ilanit.

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